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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How is the building constructed?
A.  All of our buildings have a galvanized steel tubing framework.  The "A-Frame Diamond Line" has metal sheeting on the roof and walls.  The "Premium Vinyl" has OSB, a vapor barrier wrap, and vinyl siding.  Vertical metal or Shingles are available on all vinyl buildings.

Q. What parts of the building has trim?
A. All rough/raw edges will be trimmed.

Q. Can we get electric roll up doors?
A. No, our standard roll up doors are not made for use with an electric opener, but we do offer Wayne Dalton panel garage doors with electric openers and remotes as a option.

Q. What is the thickness of a concrete pad?
A. Four (4) inches is standard with a 3,000 PSI.

Q. How long will it take to get my building/carport?
A. On average, it takes 1-3 weeks beyond your concrete or ground becoming ready.

Q. Do you offer "Do It Yourself" kits?
A. Yes.  Please contact our office for pricing.

Q. What gauge is your metal?
A. The roof/wall sheeting is 29 gauge and the 2 1/4 square galvanized steel tubing is 14 gauge.

Q. What is your roof pitch?
A. Our standard roof pitch is 3/12, but it can go up 6/12 on request.

Q. What color options are available?
A. We offer many color options.  There are 12 standard colors and 8 premium colors.  You have the option to choose 3 separate colors for you building.  Roof, walls and trim colors may all be different.  Check out color choices on our Colors Page.

Q. Which direction is the sheeting installed?
A. Horizontal sheeting on the sides and roof is standard, but we offer vertical placement as an option.

Q. What is the largest building you offer?
A. We offer any length up to 70 feet, however, any structure over 40 feet in length requires a vertical roof.  We build up to 40 feet wide and no taller than 14 feet in height.

Q. How are buildings anchored to ground/concrete?
Contractor grade anchors are used to attach the base rail to concrete.  Rebar is used to attach the base rail to the ground or asphalt.

Q. Is there a warranty on your buildings?
A. There is a 25 year limited warranty on rust-through of framing or roofing material, assuming normal user care and maintenance.  There is a one year warranty on workmanship and garage doors.

Q. What is the major benefit of adding insulation to a metal building?
A. Insulation provides increased comfort, energy savings, condensation control, light reflectivity, and noise reduction.

Q. How can rFoil insulate if it is so thin?
A. It is a common mistake to only consider a material's R-value when choosing insulation.  It's highly possible for a thinner reflective material to provide better thermal performance than a thicker non-reflective material, even though the thicker product will have a higher R-Value.

Q. Does rFoil keep a substance cool too?
A. A small experiment, using three boxes.

  1. one insulated with fiberglass

  2. one insulated with foam

  3. one insulated with foil

A bag of ice was placed in each box and its rate of melting was recorded.  In the boxes insulated with fiberglass and foam, the bags of ice to 24 hours to melt.  The bag of ice placed in the box lined with foil took 4 days to melt.  The test clearly exposes the fallacy of the r-value test.  A higher r-value does not necessarily mean a better insulator.

Q. Will rFoil prevent condensation?  If so, how?
A. Yes, rFoil is an outstanding solution to condensation problems.  The thermal break provided by the air space prevents warm, moist air inside the building from interacting with cold air on the same surface.  When installed correctly, with secure seams, condensation will not occur on the surface of the rFoil.

Q. I am building a warehouse that will not be heated or cooled.  Do I need to put any insulation in the building?
A. To avoid heat gain in the summer as well as condensation problems inside the building, it is necessary to insulate a metal building.  The fact that the warehouse is not air-conditioned is even more reason to install a radiant barrier.


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